Our beautiful horseback riding ranch is located near Atlanta, Georgia. Imagine riding on 1,400 acres where there is no public road in sight. Horseback riding and cart driving with us gives you an opportunity to breathe in fresh air and enjoy all that nature has to offer you

Our Pricing Is A Real Bargain!

$50 per person for 2 hours.

First schedule your riding appointment with Dennis by calling 770-712-8685 or emailing Dennis at dennis@adopt-a-horse.org. Then make your payment on our Payment Page.


Schedule My Horse Ride Near Atlanta

We’ve been in business for over 16 years and over 6000 riders have graced our trails.  You can feel confident that we will lead you on a fabulous adventure.

Schedule My Horse Ride Near Atlanta

Our Customers Say...


Such an incredible experience. Spent the morning learning how to drive a cart and bringing that knowledge on the guided trail tour to the river. Growing up riding, I can honestly say this is one of the most unique and fun experiences I have ever had. I will absolutely be back and recommend this to anyone looking for a great experience either driving a cart (which I HIGHLY a recommend) or riding one of their amazing endurance horses. -- D. Jackso


We had such a wonderful experience last year that we are going again this year. Dennis is wonderful to deal with. The horses are just lovely and the scenic trails are really nice. My favorite horse is Napoleon. -- M. Schmidt


An oasis close to home. Beautiful horses and down to earth staff. -- E. Batts