Our Pony Cart Story

Our horses have worked with victims of crime for over ten years. We started our work with five horses. We began taking in ponies for our clients as they came in younger and younger. Normally, our horses are ridden regularly by our instructors to keep them well mannered. The ponies were too small for adults to ride. Without this hands on effort, the ponies were not fit nor well mannered.

Mr. Kell Canty gave us a donation to purchase our first cart system with harness. We were surprised to find the ease in cross training a saddle pony to drive a cart. Once the pony is saddle trained, it is easier to teach them to drive a cart. The complete training process, including physical conditioning, for a cart pony is approximately one year. Once a pony is trained, they are routinely worked by seasoned driving instructors. The ponies can easily work for twenty years taking clients on tours.