We have access to the largest property in Newton County, Georgia without a public road.  We’ve been given access by two generous property owners to almost 1400 acres that has allowed us to offer the community the finest horseback riding experience in the metro Atlanta area.  We offer our guests riding times twelve months a year seven days a week.  Our riding times are scheduled to keep our visitors safe on our game preserve. The game preserve is maintained continuously.  Caretakers have installed fire breaks in a grid pattern to stop the spread of fire.  These fire roads we call race track.  We use them to train for endurance riding and tours with our in-house race team and guests.  These roads are wide enough for standard work trucks, so we can drive or ride our horses throughout the property.    

The balance of the property is a series of food plots for local game and thickets for the game to bed down in during the day.  The food plots are cultivated and seeded twice a year in large parts of the game preserve.  Winter rye grass is planted in the fall to provide fresh grass to the game over the winter. Bermuda grass is planted in the spring to provide fresh grass in the spring and summer.  Over twenty thousand pounds of deer feed is placed in feeders throughout the preserve.

A riding tour of our scenic property by horseback will take you through pine forests, open meadows, trail side streams, hardwood forests, and along the Alcovy River.