We have a happy herd of horses on our horse ranch near Atlanta. Just like people, each horse has its own story and personality. All of our horses have been rescued or have been donated by generous families. Each horse or pony has been fully trained to take you on a fabulous journey when visiting our ranch.

Each of our horses serves a dual purpose: They take the public on rides through our peaceful ranch and they provide equine therapy for those in need.


007 is the international man of mystery. He is a well trained pony under both saddle and cart. He was our first cart trainee and he taught us the value of cart systems. He has been taking young clients on tour and on carts for seven years. He is a sweet guy pony with a loving personality. Like his namesake, he loves the ladies. He is one of the best working ponies in the crew.  007 is leading the way with our disability clients.

Big Money

Big Money is a veteran of our program. He has been working tours for almost four years. He has been teaching over one thousand guests the fine art of driving. He has been working with adults and their minor children on tours. Big Money loves Sunshine. He is a regular partner with this fine lady. These two ponies work and love together. They are the hardest working ponies in show business. Both worked together when Playboy TV taped a tour with us.


Cassanova’s prior owner rescued him from the Mexican rodeo. She asked us to take him in while she found a good home for him. She left him here 6 years ago and she never came for him again. We gave this gentle guy a permanent home. His traumatized earlier life still effects him after all this time. He is now in training to drive a cart.

Cassanova got his name for the love all the ladies showed him. The male herd members are still jealous over the attention given him by the ladies. He is sweet and gentle. He has come a very long way.

Cassanova is the biscuit king of the herd. All food drives him to run fast and get in line for food before anyone else. We love this gentle giant.

Daisy Duke

Daisy Duke came to us over five years ago with her mother and daughter. All three were near death from starvation. All three ponies had been subjected to very abusive behavior from the family children. Her mother is Tinker Bell. Her daughter was unable to recover from the abuse. Linda McFarland donated her to the Foundation.

Daisy Duke completely recovered after six months in our program. She is now fully trained as both a saddle and a cart horse. She routinely gives new riders their first introduction to horsemanship. She takes clients from age 6 to 60 out for a tour on her cart. She is used daily to teach new clients the art of talking to a horse with their hands. Most clients stay on her for their entire tour. She is sweet, spunky, and very safe in the field. She is also a great and trusted saddle pony for children and adults 100 pounds or under.

Daisy Duke got her name for the love and attention she gets from all the male ponies in her space. She is courted and loves to show off to all the guys.


Diva is a fine lady donated by a great family. The Poskus Foundation has continued to donate funds for her care years after her arrival here. She is a fine horse with a fine pedigree. She earned her name for the drama she brings to life. Her male herd mates love this lady. Although a real looker, she has saved her affection for her handlers.

Diva is a fine lady with a winning attitude and has been with us over eight years. She is a finished endurance horse. Great riders are constantly impressed with her talent and affection. She loves to seek your attention and love after every ride.


Napoleon came to us from a generous family. He had been temporarily placed with a new owner after years as a family horse. He came to us with a great sense of fear from his short stay with his new owner. It was obvious he had been beaten in the face. His fear of people was profound and difficult to overcome. It took us two months to capture him after we released him to live with his new herd mates. After his fear was gone, he became a trusted member of the herd.

Napoleon has finished his training as a fine endurance horse. He is in great shape and capable as a finely tuned riding partner. He is best as a lead horse in front on the herd while in the field. He has been in the lead for years. He started this quest for head of the herd as soon as he arrived. He runs the herd now.


Romeo was donated to us by a very generous family. He is one of the only horses that came to us almost fully trained. He earned his name for the gentle and caring nature he shows towards his fellow riders. In the last five years he has given thousands of people their first experience on a horse.  Romeo gives his love every time he is handled or ridden. His gracious charm and willing attitude make him a bright star. He is both loved and treasured by all.


Sunshine was given to us by a family with small children. She was a very young pony with no real training. She was a difficult pony to train to saddle. Lori Massey took up her training and worked her until she was a great saddle pony. Her efforts changed Sunshine’ life. Lori did not stop until the work was done.

Sunshine was trained to become a valuable cart pony. She is large enough to carry a small adult under saddle but she can carry two adults on her cart. She is used by staff to take clients out on tour. If a client is having control issues on their horse in the field, she takes both the instructor and the client on the balance of the tour. She has proven to be one of the most valuable horses under cart. She is fearless, determined, and in great shape.


Tinker Bell came to us near death from malnutrition. She was tortured by the children in the family. She barely survived the experience along with her daughter and grand daughter. Her daughter is Daisy Dukes and her grand daughter did not recover from her abuse. Although she is much smaller than her daughter, she is a loving mother and friend to her daughter.

Tinker Bell is trained as both a saddle and a cart horse. In spite of her small stature, she commands the respect and affection of all the men in her life. She saves her love for the handlers giving her extra attention. She educates small children under saddle and she is a great cart pony. SheEditEdit with Visual Composer